Soaring high slightly crimson
Soaring high slightly crimson

Tania. Peru
lysazul ha dicho: Never! D< (r u ok?)

I’m fine. I just want to be alone .




when you’re a lesbian and share your room with a bunch of heterosexuals


is this a reaction picture or an example


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Anonymous: Who's thise Kool-aid ku guy?


who is kool-aid ku?


Kool-aid-jaku is basically the most important character in Gay Murder Island the Game aka DMMD. He’s the most eligible bachelor this side of the anime slums and the girls go gaga over his dashing good looks, rugged, manly personality and suave, ladykiller smooth talk.

He wears all this crazy stuff that makes him look like a Japanese samurai warrior, complete with huge-ass sword and bright red kimono. He looks like he’s always ready to kick some ass and be mysterious, but he’s actually just a freelance hair dresser who sets up shop in the middle of the street and just cuts people’s hair how why what who does that

Koujack-off is really friendy and charming, which has helped him to amass a following of not only female fans, but also a team of dudes who respect him for his kindness and helpfulness in giving back to the community. His team, Benishigure, is a Rib team that not only fights for the sake of the sport, but also does charity work. They’re basically the Girl Scouts of Ribsteez :U

On top of being super nice to everyone, he’s especially noted for growing up with and taking care of Aoba. They’d been friends since childhood and Koujaku basically dotes on Aoba as if they were family (they even have a secret handshake pffff nerds). Aoba’s grandmother even thinks of Koujack as her second grandson. When it comes to Aoba, Koujaku can lose his cool if someone else is either threatening to harm Aoba or seems like they might. He’s especially wary of Noiz, since the first time they meet, Noiz had broken into Aoba’s house and started beating him up.

All these other people start showing up in Aoba’s life and it puts Koujaku on edge, which is why he seems more confrontational further into the story. During his route, it’s revealed that he is the illegitimate son of a yakuza leader who forced him to undergo a cruel mind-control experiment that made him accidentally murder his mother. From then on, he is never the same. He blames himself and vows to take revenge on the artist who gave him the mind-control tattoo and then kill himself thereafter. When Aoba performs Scrap on Koujaku in his good end, Koujaku learns to let the past go and finally be okay with himself. It’s revealed that Koujaku had been in love with Aoba since they were both kids and Koujaku had always hid his feelings for Aoba’s sake. Even after the good ending, Koujaku is still struggling with suicidal depression and guilt. He doesn’t think he deserves Aoba or the happiness Aoba brings him.

It’s not just something he gets over, which is realistic in terms of depression and a nice touch from the writers. Basically, Koujaku’s whole happy-go-lucky / tough-guy personality is a total farce to hide the sadness and insecurity he really feels.

When the mask comes down and he’s forced to show his true colors to Aoba for the sake of their relationship, he becomes this awkward, nervous mess. He even goes so far as to have a nosebleed during sex and then practically dies of embarrassment.


SO YEAH. IMPORTANT. Dont you dare overlook the precious baby that is Koujaku. He is a muffin that must be protected at all costs. :U


What do you mean this isn’t what Rin does everyday?
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lysazul: wake up!! /bitchslaps.

What is your problem !! I’m awakee

I can’t believe I used to hang out with you. Ugh you are soooo gross!!